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This was my first webpage back in 99. While, like many, I have retired from playing FBPro, I do follow, support and play other PC football. In fact we are the only website on the net that does so. For Madden, NFL Fever PC and soon XBox football click on the logos to visit our new sites.



Taunting Tackle Wav's

Endzone Celebrations

Endzone Celebrations

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Crowd Chants

Ref Calls,Fumbles,INT'S

QB Voiceover's

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As promised some samples from the American Bowl. Sort of a V2K Enhancement Preview. Read and Order the V2K to the left. I got some great stuff from this game. Unfortunately it was of the 2nd and 3rd string players. Not to be Racist but Denver got a group of white boy receiver's hu? I'll be adding more trial sounds throughout the week from that game as well as the game I will be attending tonight in Canton with buddies Demetrius Underwood and Lamont Hollinquest :). I just got back from watching the Cowboys practice and well they look better than the Browns for now. We'll see.
Each Zip has a read me file. Set up to play as Home or Away Please Make sure to READ IT.

Listen to Kramer's call complete with "Baby Water". I tried this one and it Plays smooth. Right from the Second Quarter.

Denver Bronco's Wav's   (141 K)
A MAD MAN Al Wilson's Enhanced Hit on Kenny Bynum with Chris Watson and the DB's doin' the "Ha Ha" Dance in the backround. Pat Summerall on the Comment.
Also Bubby's Accented Play Calling.

San Diego Charger Wav's   (120 K)
Kramer's Calls, Orange Slice, Green, Green Slice and The Baby Water. I Like the Green Baby Water Personally!         


How would you like to add some more realism to FBPro? To hear the Cheeseheads chanting for the Packers, The Viking Horn, The Cannon's in Tampa, the New Double Dawg Pound in Cleveland? Defender's Taunting tackles, Sportcaster calls? All REAL AUDIO NFL Files happening this very season. Well Now You CAN!

I have Listed on these pages a few of the Sounds I've redone in the past few weeks. This page has been set up to distribute a few of the sounds for reaction purposes and will be updated with new sounds weekly during the season. Everyone knows about the Sierra series but there are people working to make the Only workable Football Sim that's still worth playing seem somewhat updated. While adding Play by Play to the V2K Files I've been working on for this season, I've got into sampling and working with FBPro Sounds to make the game seem more Real and Updated. Just click on the buttons to your left and place the files in your AAS_Fbro98 Folder overwriting the existing sound.


The Team Wav Bar has been set up to allow Team fans to download a Complete set of Zipped Wav files for either your Hometown Team or Favorites. Included in this zip will be REAL AUDIO Crowd sounds, Announcer Voices, Team QB and Defensive Players Voices and Intro Theme Music for Each team. A Complete file set that will make you feel you are really playing in that particular city. Most Team sets will be Wav Recorded by Microphone and added throughout the season.

The College File Page will fillup with some I have made as well as wav files from other users. I've had some people ask to post their own so I'll add some here as well as throughout the wav pages.
The NSNCAA Files, I Believe, will trigger a league frenzy of it's own and where else to get some "Oh Nellie!" and REAL LIVE NCAA Football Wav Files than Here.

A tutorial Page is being created to show users how to make their own wavs. Everything from Recording, Fading, Mixing to Saving, Renaming them and Inserting them into the AAS_FBPro98 Wavs11 or Wavs22 Folder. Also an explation on the tools used to do this. You would be supprised how fun and easy it is.


In doing these Files I hope to accomplish and establish a new feel for an older game. An older game that with a little work can be updated to rival probably what future companies will distribute. The Boundaries are ENDLESS with the sound files. With some people working to crack codes, write programs and update updated files, FBPRO98 will be the Football game to play even if you are mad at Sierra for what they did. People that just sit back NEVER go foward. (Sandbagging it's called in Nascar Racing) I plan on eventually Micing REAL actual NFL sounds for the FBPRO Series. I've already begun working on a set of wav's for EACH Team. From the Cannon's firing in the endzone in Tampa to the "J E T T JETS, JETS, JETS" Chant in the Big City. REAL NFL REF'S, REAL NFL QB Audibles, The whole works. New Wav's, New Sounds, New Songs!!!

Brian Hitterman


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